Indiana Grandparent Rights Lawyer

Divorce can be difficult for children to handle emotionally.  In addition to spending less time with each parent, the time they may spend with their grandparents will likely also decrease.  At Dollard Evans & Whalin, we help grandparents assert their legal rights to grandparent visitation.

What Rights to Grandparents Have in Indiana to See Their Grandchildren?

There are many limitations on grandparent visitation rights in Indiana, and an experienced Indiana Family law lawyer will know these.

There are three common times where grandparents have a legal standing to obtain grandparent visitation with a court.  These are:  1) where the grandchild’s parents have been divorced; 2) where there is a birth of a grandchild outside of wedlock, and 3) where there is a death of one or more of the grandchild’s parents.

What is Required for Grandparents to Obtain Visitation?

In order to obtain grandparent visitation through a Court, a grandparent must file a petition with the Court that explains the grandparent relationship and why an order from the Court is needed.  The Court will then typically hold a hearing on the request, and the grandparent will be given an opportunity to explain to the Court why grandparent visitation rights are needed, and why it would be in the best interests of the child.

In What Cases Can Grandparent Visitation Rights be Denied?

The most common scenario where a grandparent won’t have the legal ability to petition a court for visitation time would be where the grandchild’s parents are each alive and are married to one another.  In these situations, courts will usually defer to the judgment and wishes of the parents.

How We Help Grandparents in Seeking Visitation

Our experienced lawyers are here to assist you in obtaining grandparent visitation.  If you are a grandparent that has been denied grandparent visitation and you are interested in discussing your options and understanding how to assert your rights, then please contact the office of Dollard Evans & Whalin to discuss your options with you.