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If you’ve been charged with a crime, it will be critical to your future to seek experienced, tenacious legal representation.  At Dollard Evans & Whalin we will be there for you throughout every aspect of your case.

Our representation can include preliminary pre-charging investigation, police interviews, initial hearings, pretrial conferences, suppression hearings, bench trial by judge, trial by jury, guilty plea, sentencing, and juvenile hearings and meetings.   Through years of experience, trial practice, private practice, publicly funded appointed cases, legal training, and continuing legal education, we have acquired the skills that you need to provide you with the best criminal defense available.

Please see our other pages that discuss our representation in OWI, DUI, Marijuana and Other Drug Offenses, Probation Violations, Community Corrections Violations, Diversion Program, Ruoff Home Mortgage (Deer Creek or Verizon or Klipsch) Offenses, Sex Offenses, Theft/Shoplifting, and other alcohol related cases and offenses.  We have successfully represented numerous individuals throughout all criminal justice proceedings.

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